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Audio Education Course

Affordable - Hands On - In Studio Classes

This course teaches beginners how to get started recording!


This is a 5 class series. Students attend 1 class per week. Classes are offered Saturday at 10am and Tuesday at 7pm. Class Fee is $199 per person. 

Course Topics Include:

Audio Interfaces
DAW Setup
Recording Software
Recording Voice
Recording Guitar
Recording Drums
Acoustic Treatment
Room Setup
So Much More!!!


Classes begin June 19th 2021

If you would like to sign up or want more information, fill out the form below and we will get back to you soon!

Thanks! We will get back to you ASAP!


In the first class we will discuss recording essentials such as headphones, interfaces and software. I do recommend bringing headphones and a laptop to the last 4 classes.

I will be using ProTools in class but any recording software will work fine. However Audacity does not offer realtime FX processing so avoid this software. 

You will be given professionally recorded multi-tracks to work with at home to sharpen your skills.  

Throughout the course as your skills grow to new heights, you can watch your recordings become tighter, smoother and more professional sounding. 

As your skills develop, so will your ears. You will have the chance to listen to your sessions in the studio with proper acoustic treatment and quality studio monitors. This can open your eyes and mind to how your mix really sounds and how to make it translate well to other systems.

This is a beginners class. We will not have time to cover advanced mixing and mastering in this class...that class is coming soon!

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